Day 5 – We are prepared for a purpose

Today started at 5:30, and for most of your campers that was pretty early! But we quickly put them to work and had the boys and the girls alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic; we had the trailer loaded and were on our way to breakfast by 6:30 on beautiful refreshing morning. On the walk to the cafeteria the kids talked of their week, home, family, friends, and pets that they would soon see again.

Thanks for trusting your kids to us this week! Right now they are doing their final small group devotion. Then they’ll go to a final team time with their age group. And finally we’ll all come back together for one last closing celebration and message — a message reminding us that God created us with a purpose — before we load the buses and head home. Home! Pray for safe travels, see you soon!

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