Day 4 – We are completely forgiven!

  • We are made in his image. (Tuesday)
    • We are truly loved. (Wednesday)
      • We are completely forgiven! (Thursday, today!)

Today is special for several reasons. First, it’s our last full day of camp, can you believe it!?? Second, it’s OMC day! This means that all of us are wearing our team colors today, so all across the campus kiddos are running around resplendent in Yellow, Green, and Blue — and there are even some really big “kids” all decked out in Orange! — to declare their colors and reflect well on their team! So too should those of us who claim Christ show our “colors” in such a way as to reflect well on Him and what he has done.

What has he done? He has made us in His image, loved us enough to pay an incredible price out of His own pocket to get us back when we “went over the fence”, and then completely forgave us! Not just forgiven some, a bunch, or even a whole lot — Through Christ we are COMPLETELY forgiven when we place our faith in His finished work on the cross.

Pray for your campers today as they have one last day of being doused in fun, games, and the gospel truth of how they can be completely forgiven.

Also, pray for the rain to hold off… or to come and go quickly. 🙂 Last I checked we show rain in the area about 12:45. I don’t mind so much if that affects track time, but we really want that rain cleared by 3:45p for OMC! OMC indoors is nowhere near as fun as OMC outdoors! Because of OMC I may not be able to post again until it’s all over this afternoon, but I’ll get pics and a vid posted as quickly as i can once it’s over!

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