What are you reflecting?

Our first full day — filled with track times, bible study, marshmallow catapults, pom pom launchers, tennis, football, soccer, food, fun, friends, and fellowship — is coming fast to a close. Right now the sun is setting, a breeze is blowing over the courtyard, and a hot day is turning into a beautiful night for the kids to finish the night playing outside for a bit before lights-out.

So, our overall theme for the week is “Blueprint, God’s Design”, and each day we focus on a more specific aspect. Today’s focus was “We are created in God’s image”, and all the lessons, games, track times, and other activities have reinforced that and culminated in our evening Worship service, a toned-down time where the environment and music are less “pumped up”; more thoughtful and introspective. After some worship in song, Pastor Pat gave the kids their final lesson of the day and finished with what is probably a convicting question to all of us:

Given that you are made in the Image of God; Are you reflecting God, or something else?

Pray for this message and question to penetrate into their hearts and minds; that they would respond to the Holy Spirit’s conviction to live appropriately to whose they are, and in whose image they were made.

2 responses to “What are you reflecting?

  1. Thank you so much for this great blog and these wonderful pictures! We appreciate all that you do! It makes me so happy to see so many smiling faces and to see that Molly is having fun means the world.
    Thank you!

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