Day 2 – Created in His image

Rise and shine parents and campers! It’s just 9am and we have had a full morning already here at Centrikid camp… and we’re just getting started! Showers, breakfast, quiet time, the I Can’t Wait gathering, and as I write this your kids are in their morning Bible study time. After that we’ll head to recreation where we have games that are always used to point to biblical principles that reinforce the camp themes. Even in the play times, the staffers do a great job keeping the verse and the biblical theme at the core of the activities.

After we woke up we went pretty much straight to breakfast @7am, then to a quiet devotion time, and then to I Can’t Wait where 3 of our own were on stage for The Centrikid birthday song! (video below)

One of the things I love about Centrikid is that, yes, there are a lot of loud and crazy activities, but there also times set aside for us and the campers to be¬†deliberately quiet and thoughtful. We pray for the Holy Spirit to use these times — indeed anytime really — to convict the campers of their need for Christ, and of the very special relationship He created us to have with Him. We aren’t just created BY God, He made us in His very own image! Our sin broke that image, only Christ’s redemption can restore it. For those campers already saved, pray for their relationship to grow and deepen. For those who have not yet personally placed their faith in the finished work of Christ, to know their need and do so.

Finally, I inserted some action pics that are actually from yesterday but got left on the cutting floor the night before. Doh!


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